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Clear Out That Storage Unit!

Lori Peniston

Do you have a storage unit?  If not, I am certain you know someone who does.  One out of ten people in American rent a storage unit which amounts to a huge expense.  Most people that have a storage unit just don’t want to take the time to go through it and get rid of that extra bill once and for all. Just a take minute to consider how much money you could be saving when you finally do clear it out. 

Storage units on average cost $89.00 up to $956 a month. I have clients who have more than one unit they are paying on and have no idea what is even in the units.  If you add up the cost per year think about the money saved and what you can do with that extra money.  

Most people have a sentimental attachment to the belongings they keep in units. I think furniture and photographs are the two I hear about the most.  We need to consider why we are keeping these items. Is it out of psychological attachment or perhaps you just don’t know what to do with the items? It can become a daunting task that you just blow off and continue to pay that bill every month. I also suggest to clients to hire someone to digitally preserve old photos and keep the file somewhere safe.  

 There are several options to downsize and consider when you finally decide to stop procrastinating and get the job done.  I suggest hiring a professional to do the job or help you do the job. Only you truly know what can be sold, donated or discarded.  I’ve listed a few questions to ask yourself while going through the process. Is this really worth the money I think it’s worth, if so, sell it and remember it’s not worth anything unless you have a buyer. Do your kids really want your old furniture, photos or brick-a-brac?  Don’t leave all of this for someone else to deal with – free yourself from the clutter. I promise you will feel so much better after it’s all done!

Room Makeover & Where To Start



Lori Peniston

Have you wanted to makeover a room in your home or office?  What is stopping you from making a change that will make you feel so content, delighted and peaceful? Most people don’t realize how much time they spend in their bedroom. I have always said your bedroom needs to be the safe haven of your home.  

The first thing that needs to be done when deciding to makeover a room is make sure you know what your style is. I always invite my clients to look at design magazines or show me a piece of furniture they really love and creating an aesthetic from there. I have listed a few styles if you need a place to start or google to see what catches your eye. 

Mid-century Modern: The design movement in interior, product, graphic design, architecture, and urban development from roughly 1933 to 1965.

Minimalism: Minimalism is an art movement that began in post–World War II Western art, most strongly with American visual arts in the 1960’s and early 1970’s. Minimalism has become very popular again in interiors over the past 8 years. Less is more! Functionality rules this layout. 

Shabby Chic: A style of interior design where furniture and furnishings are either chosen for their appearance of age and signs of wear and tear or where new items are distressed to an antique style.

Traditional: Typically defined as being cozy and comfortable at the same time. Detailed woodwork, over-sized pillows and often a neutral color palate with whatever colors are trending in the current year. 

Eclecticism: A nineteenth and twentieth-century architectural style in which different pieces of work incorporate a mixture of design elements from previous historical styles to create something that is new and original! 

I am guessing for some people they will say that cost is a factor in making over a room. A few details, some paint; space planning and reusing old furniture will make an extraordinary change to any room. When money isn’t a factor, take the plunge, call me and let’s have some fun creating your dream room.  I have had virtual meetings with clients and sent photos back and forth. I can always fly in for an install and voila you have a room makeover!  



Losing a Loved One


How Do We Pack Up Personal Effects?

Lori Peniston

The loss of a loved one is a very hard time in our lives. How do we pack up their personal effects while grieving the loss?  Not only is losing someone we love a very emotional process but, on top of that, we also have to handle their personal effects. Keep in mind while sorting through personal items there is a checklist that you and your family can use to help with the process.  I personally believe it is helpful to hire someone to help with the process, someone who is compassionate and will be mindful of your inherited belongings. When we lose someone we love we want to save so many of their belongings or pack them away for a rainy day to sort through. I am a firm believer that things hold energy; we can smell their clothes and feel close to them, use a handbag the person loved or read a favorite book the person explored.  We cherish these items so much for so many different reasons.

Challenges you may run into…

Keep: It’s very hard to part with things when we feel their “things” are all we have left.  Keep in mind if you have the space for the items and where these items will go. I tell my clients to take a photograph of things that are hard to part with, this is a very helpful tactic.  I also encourage creating art from items too.

Donate: Find a charity your loved one donated to or supports. There are so many places to donate these days. 

 Sell: garage sales, estate sales or even online auctions are popular now. Most Professional Organizers can assist with this process as well.

 Save For Someone Else:  Be mindful when saving items for someone else. I always make sure the person really wants it. The last thing we want to do it push make someone feel obligated to take it.

Trash: What you can’t donate needs to be recycled or properly disposed of. Keep in mind that anything soiled is to be discarded and remember it can get pricey to reupholster furniture and cleaning rugs can get pricey too. If you’re going to salvage a piece of furniture make sure it’s worth the cost.

Not Sure Box: This self-explanatory just don’t have your “I don’t know boxes” pile up, this happens a lot!  

I invite you to step into your emotions and have your support team ready to help you. I assure you there will be tears and laughter.  Take a deep breath and stay focused on the project and give yourself and your support team ample time to complete the project.  Please keep in mind I can assist with this process.

The A, B, C’s of Organization 2 Design

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Make Your Space

Beautiful & Organized

Make Your Space Beautiful

 Lori Peniston

Do you have a room in your house that’s driving you crazy or needs facelift?  I am going to give you some simple strategies to successfully go from assessment to design!  Imagine a space that is peaceful, organized, and visualize your space and how you will enjoy the comfort and serenity a beautiful room brings you on a daily basis. 

A = Assessment:  First decide what room really needs a facelift and start there. I invite you to sit in the room quietly for about 15 minutes think about how you want the room to look. I always have my clients look though design magazines or Pinterest which are good places to start. If you know your design style then visualize that. The first rule of thumb with organizing is to start sorting. Everything you own needs a place to live. Start the process now – begin to clear the clutter and make your space beautiful!

B = Buy: After you have cleared the space and have everything sorted out, now you can think about designing your dream space. I have come across several clients that had the urge to get organized and bought a bunch of unnecessary containers to use. I think the key here is to remember form meets function and think about storage for the room. The beauty of design and organization is that each person is different and no two rooms will have the same design in an office or residence.  Also, be sure to get good measurements before you buy and look at the dimensions of what you’re going to purchase.

C= Clean:  This pretty self-explanatory however, sometimes deep cleaning is a struggle for some individuals too! Keep in mind the goal is to make your space beautiful and organized.  Now is a good time to paint the room.

D=Design:  Now is the fun part – time to design, design and design!  If you need a good space planning application there are several out there to choose from each app is a little different so depending on how detailed you want to get I suggest looking a few different apps.  Hang your favorite art, pick fabrics you love and buy the proper size rug for your room as well.  Make your space beautiful and your own. This can be a fun process if you allow it to be. I invite you to put some passion, hard work and creativity into this and VOILA your space is done!


Spring Cleaning

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Spring is Here

Time to Clear the Clutter!


An Interactive Spring Cleaning Schedule by Bin There Dump That

A journey of a thousand mils begins with a single step, the proverb goes. That's why you're way more likely to get your annual house cleaning done if it's broken down into simple steps on a time-tested schedule - which is exactly what you'll find here.

In just four short weeks, we'll help you completely transform your home. You'll have more space, more clarity, better air quality, and who knows? Maybe you'll find a pile of money somewhere. (We've got our fingers crossed for you.)

How to use BTDT's Deep Spring Cleaning House Schedule

Whether you're a working mom, a twenty-something riding the Marie Kondo wave, or a stay-at-home parent, this printable spring cleaning checklist will leave you feeling renewed at the end of the month.

Before you jump in, here are three ways to use the calendar

  1. On your mobile device. Carry it around like a personal assistant as you complete each task.

  2. Print it, and use it like a house cleaning checklist. Mark each task as finished, and burn it in a bonfire with your friends. Goodbye, cluttered abode of last year - hello, increased focus and fierceness of tomorrow.

  3. Laminate it, and use it every year. This is our favorite, and the most eco-friendly option.

Ready? Let's get your spring cleaning underway!

Clearing Piles of Clutter

Clearing the Piles!

Clearing the Piles!

Hoarding – ADHD – ADD

10 Steps to Help

By: Lori Peniston

Are you tired of the piles of stuff lying around your home and office?  Have you considered hiring a professional or even tackling the organization job yourself?  It’s time organize the piles of clutter and make your life more manageable and initiating calm and simplification.

Hoarding Disorder

People with hoarding disorder excessively save items that others may view as worthless or garbage. Many people with hoarding disorder also experience other mental health disorders, such as:

· Depression

·  Anxiety disorders

· Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)

· Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

Hoarding disorder occurs in an estimated 2 to 6 percent of the population and often leads to substantial distress and problems functioning.

Steps to help!   

  • Encourage the person to seek professional help

  • Take the time to learn about hoarding and look for credible sources

  • Help them with their belongings if they ask for help

  • Listen to your loved ones

  • Recognize the positive changes that are achieved

  • Hire a professional who works with hoarders

  • Be sure aftercare is set up for the hoarder

  • Start with sorting out the belongings

  • Find an organization to donate items to

  • Acknowledge the progress


Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a controversial diagnosis that has gained considerable attention in recent years, symptoms include:

· Difficulty managing behavior

· Hyperactivity

· Difficulty paying attention and/or staying on track

· Chronic disorganization

Adults with ADHD are 4.4 percent of the adult US population but less than 20 percent of these individuals seek help for it. 41.3% of adult ADHD cases are considered severe.

Steps to help!  

  •  Getting organized is a key step toward reaching your goals

  •  Hire a Professional Organizer that can help you and is aware of ADHD

  •  Set time limits for decision-making – literally set a timer

  • Keep your to-do lists brief

  • Have a friend or family member hire a professional to help

  • Stop agonizing over insignificant items

  •  Create a place near the front door for items or have bins labeled

  • Simplify your wardrobe

  • Take on one project at a time

  • Use sticky notes to stay on track


ADD (attention deficit disorder): ADHD is a common condition that affects children and adolescents, while ADD is more common in adults, symptoms include:

·  Easily Distracted

· Disorganization

· Forgetfulness

Impulsive behavior  

Steps to help!  

  •  Check your planner 2 times a day

  • Make “To Do” lists

  • Start organizing one room at a time and hire a professional organizer

  • Make organization a daily habit

  •  Meditate

  • Take a 100-percent multivitamin and mineral supplement every day

  • Eliminate caffeine and nicotine

  • Exercise daily for 30-45 minutes 

  • Limit television, video games and cell phone

  • Food is a drug so being mindful what you put in your body. Most people with ADD do best with a higher protein, lower simple carbohydrate diet, but this isn’t true for all types of ADD

I have worked with hoarders, clients with ADD / ADHD and OCD. Together we created a plan that worked for them! I invite you to call or set up an appointment for a consultation.



Clearing the Clutter - What about Our Planet?


What About Our Planet?

Clearing the Clutter

What about Our Planet?

By: Lori Peniston

Have you considered how clearing out the clutter is beneficial for you and your family?  Studies have proven that being more organized and clearing the clutter out of your life has a huge impact on our mental, physical and professional life. Making the decision to become more organized and stay that way brings a sense of calm into our lives. Professional Organizers can help implement a plan for this to happen.

 Have you also considered what over-consumption is doing to our environment?  As a society, our habits of gaining instant gratification from a purchase can inevitably lead to over-consumption.  As a professional, we educate our clients to be mindful of their purchases, and to promote a stronger system of recycling, all to help balance the effects on our planet.

I have discovered that my clients really do care,  but don't know the statistics related to the effects our "stuff" has on this Earth.  Clothing alone can take years to degrade. Nylon takes about 30-40 years to degrade, leather takes 25-40 years,  and cotton about 1-7 months. When we’re working with clients, we inform them on alternatives to throwing goods in the trash. We encourage people to buy locally and donate items to local shelters or churches to be given to families in need. (I once learned from a successful mentor that if we lead our lives with generosity,  this will bring us a full sense of purpose,)     A clothing swap party is a fun and environmentally friendly way to re-purpose unwanted clothing. Reselling is a great way to re-purpose an abundance of items that the client no longer wants and can also help a client to  make some money in the process. I have also worked with a professional online auctioneer.   My experience as a Professional Organizer helps clients to have positive results with the reselling of all types of unwanted items.

But recycling and reselling alone are not enough. How about we skip the first step of this problem and only buy what is needed in the first place?  This is easier said than done; most of us are guilty of buying things we really don’t need!   Disaster 2 Design encourages clients to think about where their goods are being made and the energy output it takes to get those goods to the store or to their front door. Environmental scientists have just issued a warning that we have only 12 years to get our carbon emissions under control. Otherwise, humanity will cross the 1.5-degree threshold and our natural cycles that have sustained the earth for eons will be dramatically affected. The climate could take thousands of years to recover; or it may be that recovery is not possible at all. This is an unambiguous warning and we must change the way we live. Use less, buy less, be happier, save money and help save the environment!

Less clutter and less consumption go hand-in- hand. is doing its part in clearing the clutter while teaching clients sustainable values and ecological recommendations to give some love to our beautiful planet.



Real Estate

Real Estate Listing

Clear The Clutter! 

By: Lori Peniston

How excited are you when you finally get that listing? I think we all get an adrenaline rush when we land a listing or any job! Now you have to get your client on board with clearing the clutter out of their home. I know this can be a touchy subject so we have to ease into having this discussion with our clients. Most people know they need to clear the clutter but how do we say this so it doesn’t hurt the clients’ feelings or make them feel overwhelmed. 

I would suggest that clients hire a professional to help clear the clutter and prepare the house to sell which can help the house sell fast and get a higher return on their investment. I always suggest hiring a professional when it’s in the budget. A maid service can also save time and money. Time is money!  

In this day and age everyone is a DIY master so I here are a few tips for your client if they want to tackle the task themselves. 

  • Order a pod – too much furniture in a room makes the room look small. A pod or storage unit is also a good idea so the client can start packing and moving items off the property

  • Properly space plan each room, create a proper workstation and make sure the foyer is clear

  • Clear off all of the counters as much as possible and clear out pantries. People want to see how  much storage space they’ll have

  • Paper management needs to be addressed. Most people tend to have piles

  • Encourage your client to make all of the beds in the house. A tidy home will sell faster

  • Start sorting – this is huge and will get your client into the head-space of getting more organized in other areas. Placing items together and then seeing you have an overabundance of pots and pans, towels or dishes helps with donating items we don’t use

Most professional organizers will also help pack the home and help the client organize the packing process. When the client unpacks, this will help with the process of organizing too. Most professional organizers offer packages so the organizing work schedule can accord with the client’s needs.

I think we need to get back to the philosophy of “less is more.” As Americans we are so conditioned to think we need all of this STUFF. But the reality is, we don’t.

Hiring a professional is an investment but it will also bring order and peace of mind, and open a door to a new less chaotic lifestyle. Clearing the clutter out of our spaces also helps clear the clutter from our minds.

Clear the clutter and sell that listing!

Clear the clutter and sell that listing!

Organizing with Flair


“Let’s all celebrate our own unique individuality!”

Is your life a mess?   Well I can help fix that!   Everything in our lives needs a place to live.  I’m a Professional Organizer in Dallas and have been organizing since I was 8 years old!  I always say, “Ask my Mom, she’s been my client for years.”  But what makes me unique?   I’ve combined my professional organizing with my 13 years of experience as an Interior Designer / Artist and began my own company, Disaster 2 Design.  Finding the perfect fit when seeking out Professional Organizers in Dallas is very similar to finding the right hairstylist, interior designer or therapist.   Many people are apprehensive to call a Professional Organizer in fear of being judged by their clutter.  Also, there is no “right” way to organize something, so it all boils down to the chemistry between the organizer and the client.

In my business, I quickly learned that most people don’t really understand what professional organizers do or the multitude of services they may offer.   The top specialized areas would be your everyday living spaces, closets, kitchens, home offices / corporate, paper clutter, electronic documentation, photos / memorabilia, garage / garage sales, hoarding support, and moving services.  

My clients say that I organize with flair!  I love to guide people through the process of transforming their space, which ultimately transforms their lives!   I’m able to teach my customers that when form meets function; their lives will become less chaotic.  And as an added bonus, I’m able to give free interior design consultation along the way.  We get so caught up in life and put ourselves on auto pilot unconsciously and, sometimes, we need to shake things up a bit! I love to re-space plan a room, change the color scheme, and buy a new piece of art or some new bedding to change the vibe of a space.  

Our living and working space have a significant impact on our lives and how our bodies react through different surroundings. We, as humans, experience our environments in several different ways: through our five senses, movement, memory and emotions. When I organize a space, I have to take all things into consideration. As silly as it may seem, having your dresser and bed in proper Feng Shui will provide both peace and serenity.  One easy tip you can do now is to make your bed daily. This will bring you peace every night when you get into bed.

We all have our own personal quirks and style.   I say, “let’s all celebrate our own unique individuality!”   I embrace my tattoos, eccentric personality, and wild hair.   My contagious loud laugh might throw someone off at first; little do they know, I have a huge heart and am full of compassion.   I’ve had the experience of working with rock stars and actors, and assisting extremely creative people throughout my career.   I am the “go to girl” in Dallas when someone is seeking a Professional Organizer or Interior Designer who is super creative and also work well with highly creative people. 

As an organizer, It is so important to share ideas, collaborate between colleagues and keep up with current trends.  I do just that as the Marketing Director of our local chapter of National Association of  Professional Organizers in Dallas , at

 As a client, it is imperative that we work with people who “spark our joy.” In the past 10 years, there has been a huge shift to simplify our lives within the Western culture. I love that Marie Kondo, from Netflix’s hit TV show Tidying Up, has introduced some fresh ideas on how to become organized from the Eastern culture perspective.  My approach is  “Do you absolutely LOVE it and how does it make you feel?”  I go through a process when tackling a big decluttering job.  I take the time to deal with issues when feelings come up that are associated with objects.  I coach my clients through these transitions and let them have their own breakthrough in letting go.  Most people tend to have some buried issues come up when going through the decluttering process. This is totally normal and mentally healthy in my opinion. I celebrate both breakdowns and breakthroughs!

 Working with hoarders can be overwhelming for many Professional Organizers.  But I experience so much fulfillment working with hoarders.  It’s an amazing thing to experience someone release pain by decluttering their home.  Hoarders are often suffering from a traumatic life event, so ensuring the person is in the proper therapy or aftercare is essential.   I’m able to use a past trauma in my life, along with my OCD, to help me relate and be successful. I have a huge amount of compassion for people that are ready to take their lives back and do the work to have healthy living conditions. 

Working with investors is also a strength.  I enjoy taking a property and giving it a face-lift. Investors don’t often want to mess with selecting finishes and renovation details, and for me it’s easy and fun and takes some stress off an investor.  

Getting organized has become the “new thing”, and why wouldn’t it be in 2019 with the hustle and bustle of life juggling kids, jobs, pets and our hobbies?   I encourage everyone to get their life in order.  Choose a person who is right for you when looking for a professional organizer or designer.  When it’s all said and done, professional organizing can be a very intimate and vulnerable experience, so ultimately you have to trust the person you select.   And I can promise you, the reward of having it completed will change your life.    In Dallas, if you’re looking for an organizer with a flair, don’t put it off one more day and let’s begin getting your life in order.

“If you’re inspired by a little show on Netflix and ready to take a project ON but need a local gal to help you with the task, call my friend Lori Ann. Lori helped us get our garage in order and gave us some great interior design tips we used in our home.” ~ Michele Sabin or or 214.714.0159 / Lori Peniston