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Clear The Clutter! 

By: Lori Peniston

How excited are you when you finally get that listing? I think we all get an adrenaline rush when we land a listing or any job! Now you have to get your client on board with clearing the clutter out of their home. I know this can be a touchy subject so we have to ease into having this discussion with our clients. Most people know they need to clear the clutter but how do we say this so it doesn’t hurt the clients’ feelings or make them feel overwhelmed. 

I would suggest that clients hire a professional to help clear the clutter and prepare the house to sell which can help the house sell fast and get a higher return on their investment. I always suggest hiring a professional when it’s in the budget. A maid service can also save time and money. Time is money!  

In this day and age everyone is a DIY master so I here are a few tips for your client if they want to tackle the task themselves. 

  • Order a pod – too much furniture in a room makes the room look small. A pod or storage unit is also a good idea so the client can start packing and moving items off the property

  • Properly space plan each room, create a proper workstation and make sure the foyer is clear

  • Clear off all of the counters as much as possible and clear out pantries. People want to see how  much storage space they’ll have

  • Paper management needs to be addressed. Most people tend to have piles

  • Encourage your client to make all of the beds in the house. A tidy home will sell faster

  • Start sorting – this is huge and will get your client into the head-space of getting more organized in other areas. Placing items together and then seeing you have an overabundance of pots and pans, towels or dishes helps with donating items we don’t use

Most professional organizers will also help pack the home and help the client organize the packing process. When the client unpacks, this will help with the process of organizing too. Most professional organizers offer packages so the organizing work schedule can accord with the client’s needs.

I think we need to get back to the philosophy of “less is more.” As Americans we are so conditioned to think we need all of this STUFF. But the reality is, we don’t.

Hiring a professional is an investment but it will also bring order and peace of mind, and open a door to a new less chaotic lifestyle. Clearing the clutter out of our spaces also helps clear the clutter from our minds.

Clear the clutter and sell that listing!

Clear the clutter and sell that listing!