Organizing with Flair


“Let’s all celebrate our own unique individuality!”

Is your life a mess?   Well I can help fix that!   Everything in our lives needs a place to live.  I’m a Professional Organizer in Dallas and have been organizing since I was 8 years old!  I always say, “Ask my Mom, she’s been my client for years.”  But what makes me unique?   I’ve combined my professional organizing with my 13 years of experience as an Interior Designer / Artist and began my own company, Disaster 2 Design.  Finding the perfect fit when seeking out Professional Organizers in Dallas is very similar to finding the right hairstylist, interior designer or therapist.   Many people are apprehensive to call a Professional Organizer in fear of being judged by their clutter.  Also, there is no “right” way to organize something, so it all boils down to the chemistry between the organizer and the client.

In my business, I quickly learned that most people don’t really understand what professional organizers do or the multitude of services they may offer.   The top specialized areas would be your everyday living spaces, closets, kitchens, home offices / corporate, paper clutter, electronic documentation, photos / memorabilia, garage / garage sales, hoarding support, and moving services.  

My clients say that I organize with flair!  I love to guide people through the process of transforming their space, which ultimately transforms their lives!   I’m able to teach my customers that when form meets function; their lives will become less chaotic.  And as an added bonus, I’m able to give free interior design consultation along the way.  We get so caught up in life and put ourselves on auto pilot unconsciously and, sometimes, we need to shake things up a bit! I love to re-space plan a room, change the color scheme, and buy a new piece of art or some new bedding to change the vibe of a space.  

Our living and working space have a significant impact on our lives and how our bodies react through different surroundings. We, as humans, experience our environments in several different ways: through our five senses, movement, memory and emotions. When I organize a space, I have to take all things into consideration. As silly as it may seem, having your dresser and bed in proper Feng Shui will provide both peace and serenity.  One easy tip you can do now is to make your bed daily. This will bring you peace every night when you get into bed.

We all have our own personal quirks and style.   I say, “let’s all celebrate our own unique individuality!”   I embrace my tattoos, eccentric personality, and wild hair.   My contagious loud laugh might throw someone off at first; little do they know, I have a huge heart and am full of compassion.   I’ve had the experience of working with rock stars and actors, and assisting extremely creative people throughout my career.   I am the “go to girl” in Dallas when someone is seeking a Professional Organizer or Interior Designer who is super creative and also work well with highly creative people. 

As an organizer, It is so important to share ideas, collaborate between colleagues and keep up with current trends.  I do just that as the Marketing Director of our local chapter of National Association of  Professional Organizers in Dallas , at

 As a client, it is imperative that we work with people who “spark our joy.” In the past 10 years, there has been a huge shift to simplify our lives within the Western culture. I love that Marie Kondo, from Netflix’s hit TV show Tidying Up, has introduced some fresh ideas on how to become organized from the Eastern culture perspective.  My approach is  “Do you absolutely LOVE it and how does it make you feel?”  I go through a process when tackling a big decluttering job.  I take the time to deal with issues when feelings come up that are associated with objects.  I coach my clients through these transitions and let them have their own breakthrough in letting go.  Most people tend to have some buried issues come up when going through the decluttering process. This is totally normal and mentally healthy in my opinion. I celebrate both breakdowns and breakthroughs!

 Working with hoarders can be overwhelming for many Professional Organizers.  But I experience so much fulfillment working with hoarders.  It’s an amazing thing to experience someone release pain by decluttering their home.  Hoarders are often suffering from a traumatic life event, so ensuring the person is in the proper therapy or aftercare is essential.   I’m able to use a past trauma in my life, along with my OCD, to help me relate and be successful. I have a huge amount of compassion for people that are ready to take their lives back and do the work to have healthy living conditions. 

Working with investors is also a strength.  I enjoy taking a property and giving it a face-lift. Investors don’t often want to mess with selecting finishes and renovation details, and for me it’s easy and fun and takes some stress off an investor.  

Getting organized has become the “new thing”, and why wouldn’t it be in 2019 with the hustle and bustle of life juggling kids, jobs, pets and our hobbies?   I encourage everyone to get their life in order.  Choose a person who is right for you when looking for a professional organizer or designer.  When it’s all said and done, professional organizing can be a very intimate and vulnerable experience, so ultimately you have to trust the person you select.   And I can promise you, the reward of having it completed will change your life.    In Dallas, if you’re looking for an organizer with a flair, don’t put it off one more day and let’s begin getting your life in order.

“If you’re inspired by a little show on Netflix and ready to take a project ON but need a local gal to help you with the task, call my friend Lori Ann. Lori helped us get our garage in order and gave us some great interior design tips we used in our home.” ~ Michele Sabin or or 214.714.0159 / Lori Peniston