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Hoarding Consulting


Based in Dallas/Fort Worth
Servicing USA from NYC to California


About Lori

Lori has a passion and gift for working with clients and listening to what they want while giving her professional advice and incorporating her clients' inspiration and personal tastes to create a space they will love.


Interior Design


Lori got her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design in 2005, and soon after established her residential and commercial design practice.

Professional Organization


Marketing Director and board member for the Dallas/FT. Worth Chapter 2018 /2019 NAPO (National Association of Productivity & Organizing), she has a natural tendency and gift for creating an organized space.

Hoarding Consulting


Transforming lives, creating breakthroughs, and coaching hoarders to achieve their obtainable goals. 


“I’m a firm believer that God shows up whenever we need Him in the form of Angels on earth. 😇 
Lori Ann, you were my Earth Angel yesterday! Thank you so so much again. I’m overjoyed this morning with relief and serenity. It feels amazing. 
You were the first person that popped in my mind when I sat down and prayed for help that day.”Thank you, thank you, thank you 
Disaster 2 Design!!! 💞

— Amanda Servis, Senior Stylist

“Lori has great artistic style and abilities as well as computer knowledge. She has good leadership ability and has led crews and projects to completion. Ours is a fast-paced and time-sensitive company and Lori has been able to work with the tight deadlines that are frequently imposed.”

Dianne Stonecipher, Production Manager/Graphic Artist


“Are you ready to go to the next level but don’t know where to start? Well, today is your lucky day. Lori is a dynamo. She has energy, creativity and passion. She helped me to clear out the old and organize what was left so that I could live in a beautiful clutter free space. She flawlessly designed elements that furthered my goals of a clean and beautiful space that I want to be in! Do yourself a favor and book an appointment with her right away, I promise you will be glad you did!”

— Teraysa Grasty NMT, LMBT


“Lori’s artistic spirit and personality are both engaging and infectious, endearing her to peers and clients alike. These traits, paired with a natural talent, make her not only fearless when It comes to creativity and design, but a real contender in the design community.”

Charla Blake, IDEC, Assoc. AIA


“Organizing was never my strong suit, we were great at “storing” every little thing we ended-up with. When my husband & I moved from the home we’d lived the last decade, married & had our kids in, it was an eye opening experience to see the massive quantity of stuff we’d accumulated in our time there. When we moved to our current house 2 years ago, even though I had purged SO much in the move; after settling into our new home we quickly realized how differently the approach would need to be in a bigger house with far less storage (and places to hide things in!)

I did my best to get creative in with what I had, but never really took the time to fully sit down and go through it all before my boys would run through & disassemble it all over again... As well, due to some minor health issues and injuries I’m dealing with and/or recuperating from - it became not only difficult, but nearly impossible for me to get everything sorted, organized, and stored without some serious help.

Enter Lori! None of what my home feels like now would have been possible without Disaster 2 Design!! She came in, and immediately was able to see a vision for numerous ways in which we could improve the flow of our home. I thought that my “ADHD piles” around the house would be the biggest obstacle, and that we could either only donate or get rid of a great deal of the general clutter & what was left - I thought I could easily organized myself... I spent about a year trying it that way. Now that we’ve reached a point where we *really* have to get get everything organized, and most importantly be able to keep it that way!

When I saw what Lori was doing on her instagram acct: @disaster2design I realized that we desperately needed her help. She was able to complete the amount of work in a few hours, that it had taken me over a year to barely get through half of. Because I was already so primed to purge anything we didn’t need or use currently, it cut the amount of just genera “stuff” everywhere. She then helped me create great storage spots for all of the things that tend to clutter my spaces, so that now we all either know which bin it goes in & can quickly put away the small bins for excess items when they fill-up. She’s also been helping us update our interior design as well!

The whole set-up has completely changed the vibe of our home & how we feel in it. It’s really helped my stress levels in particular to have it be such a breeze to keep things put away & still have every corner look SO nice. It has been such an incredibly dramatic change! We’re actually only about 3/4 of the way done, and I cannot wait to schedule a time for her to help me finish the closets and finishing touches! Finally, the kind of space I’ve always dreamed-of having, but never thought I had it in me to create... Sometimes we just need that little push & a spark to get you going!”

Natalie Marshall