The A, B, C’s of Organization 2 Design

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Make Your Space

Beautiful & Organized

Make Your Space Beautiful

 Lori Peniston

Do you have a room in your house that’s driving you crazy or needs facelift?  I am going to give you some simple strategies to successfully go from assessment to design!  Imagine a space that is peaceful, organized, and visualize your space and how you will enjoy the comfort and serenity a beautiful room brings you on a daily basis. 

A = Assessment:  First decide what room really needs a facelift and start there. I invite you to sit in the room quietly for about 15 minutes think about how you want the room to look. I always have my clients look though design magazines or Pinterest which are good places to start. If you know your design style then visualize that. The first rule of thumb with organizing is to start sorting. Everything you own needs a place to live. Start the process now – begin to clear the clutter and make your space beautiful!

B = Buy: After you have cleared the space and have everything sorted out, now you can think about designing your dream space. I have come across several clients that had the urge to get organized and bought a bunch of unnecessary containers to use. I think the key here is to remember form meets function and think about storage for the room. The beauty of design and organization is that each person is different and no two rooms will have the same design in an office or residence.  Also, be sure to get good measurements before you buy and look at the dimensions of what you’re going to purchase.

C= Clean:  This pretty self-explanatory however, sometimes deep cleaning is a struggle for some individuals too! Keep in mind the goal is to make your space beautiful and organized.  Now is a good time to paint the room.

D=Design:  Now is the fun part – time to design, design and design!  If you need a good space planning application there are several out there to choose from each app is a little different so depending on how detailed you want to get I suggest looking a few different apps.  Hang your favorite art, pick fabrics you love and buy the proper size rug for your room as well.  Make your space beautiful and your own. This can be a fun process if you allow it to be. I invite you to put some passion, hard work and creativity into this and VOILA your space is done!